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Intraguard CCTV »  Specialized Cameras for boundary surveillance of big campus. It has IR light capable of seeing 100 meters distance during day and night.
Intraguard CCTV »  IP cameras for boundary surveillance of big campus. Directly connected with Internet, and can be viewed from anywhere.
Intraguard CCTV »  Speed Dome Cameras can view our place with 360 degrees pan and 180 degrees tilt automatically. You can program as per your needs.

»  We also offer Robot Camera that can work as a Sentry of our remote site.
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Intraguard Access Control System »  Barriers work as an Access Control System over and above Traffic Management System. They allow only authorized entries. Manual and Remote Control Operations are available.
Intraguard Access Control System »  For High Security areas, we suggest Bollards of various ratings as per customers’ needs. Bollards are very useful to prevent forced entry or say terrorist attacks by vehicles.
Intraguard Access Control System »  Tyre Killer is effective solution to stop forced entry by vehicle. We also offer tyre killer for jelly filled or tubeless tyres.
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Intraguard Fire Detection and Suppression System »  We have designed and installed various addressable fire detection systems for big buildings. Multi Loops panel can cover more than thousand detectors and also has voice evacuation system inside.
Intraguard Fire Detection and Suppression System »  Clean Agent fire suppression system generally used in Server Rooms, Laboratories, Telephone exchange cabins, etc. It is safe for automatic operation where staff is at work.
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Intraguard Intrusion System »  Latest Home Automation system works as Intrusion system, video door phone, operates electrical appliances, etc. It can also be operated by your cellular phone.
Intraguard X-ray Detection System »  We offer various types of X-Ray detection systems for Baggage, Parcels, etc..
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